What is Nutrabio Labs Pure Raspberry Ketone?

This is an informative review of Pure Raspberry Ketone manufactured by NutrBio Labs. Pure Raspberry Ketone claims to aid in increasing the rate of metabolism and reduction of the fats in the body by increasing the secretion of adiponectin. The supplement plays a significant role during lipolysis, the process of breaking down fat in the body. We observed that Pure Raspberry Ketone aids the body to lose fats in two ways; it inhibits the absorption of dietary fat and facilitates norepinephrine-induced lipolysis.


One of the ingredients used to manufacture raspberry ketones is 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl) butan-2-one and it contains multiple bioactive constituents that are beneficial for health. Past research clearly suggests that butane-2-one ingredient is effective in helping reduce fats in the body. In the manufacture of each vegetable capsule, the manufacturer uses 250mg of stimulant free raspberry ketones without any additives.


The manufacturer provides clear instructions on the label of the container that should be followed when taking the drug. According to the manufacturer, those using the drug as a dietary supplement are recommended to take a single capsule on a daily basis with meals.


The price of the supplement on the manufacturer’s website is $31.99 while the retail price is $53.99. The capsules of Pure Raspberry Ketone (250mg) are packed in a container consisting of 120 vegetable capsules to be sold as a unit. The manufacturer provides a discount of 8% on orders up to $50, 12% on orders up to $100, 16% on orders up to $150 and 20% on orders up to $200. There is no information that suggests the presence of a subscription method or the possibility that the customers will get a special offer as a result of their loyalty to the product.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer’s website does not provide the possible side effects of this supplement. However, we found that some of the users of experienced side effects, such as increased blood pressure, increased levels of palpitations and jitteriness after taking the drug. The presence of the stimulant known as synephrine in the drug compound is associated with an increase in blood pressure. The manufacturer has not provided information on when to contact your doctor or discontinue use of the supplement. The manufacturer discourages individuals who are under the age of 18 years from using this supplement. However, those who are either breastfeeding or pregnant may use the supplement, but after consulting their health care professional first.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no information on the site that suggests how the manufacturer of this supplement provides a guarantee concerning its commitment to ensuring the “absolute highest quality and purest nutraceuticals.” The manufacturer does have a 60-day money-back guarantee, but it is unclear if you can return open bottles or only closed bottles to get a refund. Unfortunately, there are no customers’ reviews about the effectiveness of Raspberry Ketone at the moment. A lack of customer reviews limits our ability to substantiate whether the manufacturer is committed to offering a quality product.

The Bottom Line

Raspberry Ketone supplement has been observed to significantly facilitate weight loss by increasing the rate of lipolysis and also can also be used in cosmetics. However, the supplement is not suitable for everyone, especially for individuals suffering from chronic conditions, pregnant women, and mothers who are breastfeeding. When compared to other manufacturers, the price of Raspberry Ketone is relatively high. The manufacturer does not offer a special discount for customer loyalty. Also, the manufacturer does not offer a guarantee concerning the quality of its products. However, they do offer a money-back guarantee, the details around it are a little uncertain, though.

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