Fruits such as raspberries, cranberries, and blackberries all contain a chemical compound known as raspberry ketones. A quick search in the weight loss supplement aisle or websites will show you just how popular this compound is in this area. Raspberry ketones have a multitude of benefits, not only for weight loss. It is also used as a key ingredient in fragrances, flavoring for food, and even in cosmetic products as well. There are only minute traces of raspberry ketones in one berry so it takes around 1 kilogram of raspberries to produce around 4mg of the chemical.

Is It Backed by Science?

Raspberry ketones have been touted as one of the best ways to safely reduce weight and burn away excess fat from your body. But as with all fast rising products, you need to analyze and research this claim first or else you will just end up with another passing fad on your hands.

How Effective are Raspberry Ketones for Weight Loss?Fortunately, raspberry ketones have undergone several clinical studies on mice that showed some highly positive results when it comes to helping the body lose weight. Studies that were conducted showed how this compound can boost the body’s metabolic rate by using stored fat as its primary source of fuel for the body. Not only does it boost the body’s metabolism, it also helps in increasing stamina and re-energizing the body.

The research conducted showed how raspberry ketones interact with the body. It increases the production of a hormone that is known to break down fat cells and is most commonly found in the liver. This compound also stimulates lipolysis which suppresses fat build up and, in essence, stops cases of obesity.

Keep in mind that for best and quick results, you need to combine raspberry ketone supplements with daily exercise and a healthy diet. Taking the supplement alone and expecting results is the wrong method. You need to put in some work too. But with raspberry ketones on your side, you will not have to put in as much as work as it normally takes.

How Safe are Raspberry Ketones?

How Effective are Raspberry Ketones for Weight Loss?This is the million dollar question. How safe are raspberry ketones for the human body? Well, since raspberry ketone products have been available for years now, it is quite safe to assume that this type of supplement is safe for the human body. Of course, it is vital that you follow the instructions on the label and always stay within the recommended dosage. Please be aware that exceeding the recommended dosage levels might cause heart palpitations. So stay safe and keep to the directions.

What You Should Look For in a Raspberry Ketone Supplement

In order to ensure that you are getting the highest quality ketone supplement, there are several factors you should look for in a product:

  • It must be made of pure raspberry ketones with no added active ingredients.
  • Make sure that the manufacturer is FDA registered and approved.
  • The raspberry ketones must be extracted from naturally grown red raspberries and not synthetically produced in a laboratory.

Just remember these three important factors when choosing a raspberry ketone supplement and you should be able to land on the best one.

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