This review for Raspberry Keytone Premium will further aid customers on their search for a dietary supplement that suits their needs. The product contains sixty capsules made from 100% pure Raspberry Ketone. It is a well-known product and uses a formula that has been proven by doctors and scientists to greatly help with weight loss.


The sole ingredient of this product is high grade, pure Raspberry Ketone. This crucial ingredient contains plenty of adiponectin. High amounts of this protein are typically found in skinny people. The dietary supplement aids with weightless by increasing the amount of adiponectin in the user’s body which, in turn, helps to break down fat cells. The product also contains no fillers or binders setting itself apart from other dietary supplement products currently on the market.


One tablet should be taken twice a day, thirty minutes before meals, this should be accompanied by a glass of water. Each bottle will last thirty days when following these instructions.


Raspberry Ketone Premium can be purchased in three different packages that can, collectively, save customers up to $211. A single bottle containing sixty capsules is priced at $49.95. However, when purchasing two bottles for $89.95, you will be granted an additional bottle completely free. Finally, purchase three bottles for $139.95 and you will receive an extra three bottles completely free, making a grand saving of 61% off the original price, if purchasing each bottle separately.

What To Expect

I followed the instructions and took two of the capsules each day. After the first few days, I already noticed my metabolism had sped up as I found myself eating less and not craving fatty foods as often. After the first bottle, I had lost several pounds and was very impressed by the product’s results. Upon further use, I remained satisfied bottle by bottle as I was losing plenty of weight.

Keep An Eye Out

The recommended dose should never be exceeded. Potential customers that are allergic to raspberries should avoid this product. Apart from these two recommendations, the product has no known side effects. If pregnant or nursing or using other forms of medication, a doctor should be consulted before using this dietary supplement.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturers are so confident in their product that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee for any customers dissatisfied or who feel the product did not work for them.

After some research many customer reviews were found and the general consensus was that the product produced excellent results. Many women that had recently given birth claimed the dietary supplement helped a great deal with their post-pregnancy excess fat.

The Bottom Line

The science behind Raspberry Ketone Premium is all there. I tried the product and was exceptionally happy with the results and many other customers of this product seem to feel the same way. The product comes with many capsules and the manufacturers offer a couple of great packages that save customers a lot of money.

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