Basic Information: What is Raspberry Ketone

A comprehensive review on raspberry ketone is given in this article for the benefit of potential buyers and users. This goal of this product is to maximize fat loss and appetite suppression. Raspberry ketone which is the major ingredient of this product, acts as a major fat inhibitor for weight loss. This product is uniquely designed based on an exact pharmaceutical recommended mixture. To learn more about this product, continue reading the entire review.


Raspberry Ketone is the active ingredient of this product. It is obtained from red raspberries, and the extract is well known for speeding up metabolism and burning fat.

Other Important Ingredients:

  • African Mango –  Renowned for its ability to help reduce body fat.
  • Green Tea Extract -Has the ability to increase fat oxidation. It also helps to improve calorie burning and possibly even help battle obesity.
  • L-Carnitine – Able to alleviate the effects of aging and disease on mitochondria, while increasing the mitochondria’s potential to burn fat.
  • Cacao Extract – Known for producing antioxidant effects.

Apart from the above-mentioned ingredients, this product is contained in a vegetable capsule (which is made of purified water and hypromellose). Veggie capsules are easy to swallow and digest. Hypromellose is used as a food additive, as an emulsifier, thickening and suspending agent, and an alternative to animal gelatin.


Will’s General Raspberry Ketone must be considered as a dietary supplement. It is recommended to take one or two capsules, at least thirty minutes before a meal. For best results, it is advised to take this supplement at least thirty minutes before a workout or exercise routine.


A single bottle containing 60 capsules costs $15.99 from the manufacturer’s website. On Amazon it is available for $16.99, however, free shipping is given only for orders over $35.

Possible Side Effects

Since this product may not be safe for children, it has to be kept out of the reach of children. It is not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women. Those who are taking any prescription medications or known to have any medical condition should consult with a doctor before use.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no information on refund or money back guarantee for this product at the time of writing this review.

The Bottom Line

Lack of information on a money back guarantee policy is a concern. The pricing is very reasonable but because it’s so cheap it may mean that it’s lower quality or that you need to take more than other brands to achieve the desired effect.

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