Many people would like to lose weight and adopt a healthier living style. However, many will agree that losing weight is not an easy task. It demands a lot from a person and many will find it difficult to attain the desired results. There are several reasons as to why shedding off those extra pounds is so much of a hustle. Compared to decades ago, research has shown that people are 10% heavier today than was the case in the 70s. Therefore, it is important to delve into the topic of losing weight and the challenges that one might face.

The main reasons as to why it is difficult to lose weight include:

  • Endocrine inhibitors exposure

Why It Is Difficult To Lose WeightA combination of exposure to everyday chemicals such as pesticides, BPAs, preservatives, and flame retardants play a significant role in interfering with hormones in our bodies. As a result, they prevent one from burning as much energy as they should so as to lose the right amount of weight from their bodies. You can, however, remedy this by taking the right measures such as storing your food in containers made of glass instead of plastic, since glass doesn’t contain the BPAs that plastic sometimes does.

  • You are too overweight

The more overweight you are, the harder it is to cut weight. This can be a major reason as to why it is very hard to shed off that excess weight from your body. Scientists have discovered that obese individuals who have a body mass index of 30 to 35 have lower chances of losing weight. To overcome this hurdle, it is advisable for one to make small goals regarding weight loss. They can set smaller targets for themselves that are more realistic and easier to attain and at the end of it all they will have lost a substantive amount of weight cumulatively.

  • You are following diet that’s hindering you from losing weight

Why It Is Difficult To Lose WeightThere are many weight loss programs out there. Like most other people, you are probably tempted to try all of them so that you can have drop weight quickly. Unfortunately, this is not always effective as experts explain. Hopping from one weight loss program to the other in order to cut weight is not a good idea. Your body gets confused and thus does not lose any meaningful weight in the process. You can stick to diets that will provide you with the vital nutrients that your body needs without starving yourself.

  • You are exercising and eating more at the same time

While getting to the gym and exercising a lot may seem like a good way to lose weight, many individuals end up not losing weight as expected. This is because they tend to eat more since they are exercising a lot. A recent research revealed that when one combines regular exercise with a proper diet, they tend to get better results during weight loss. This is particularly important for it balances out one’s intake and workout and if you try this method, you’ll likely have a better weight loss outcome.

Losing weight is difficult, no one has ever denied that. However, with these tips you should be more aware of the trials and tribulations you will face. An informed person is more likely to succeed in dropping weight permanently and we hope that our advice helps with your weight loss journey.

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